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Boys &Mens Hairstyle Picturs

Mens Hairstyle Pictures



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Katie Holmes Long Hairstyle

Hairstyles presents Katie Holmes Long Hairstyle
Today Katie  prefers short style, but you can see some pictures of her with long hair where she is gorgeous.

Katie Holmes Long Hairstyle
Katie Holmes Long Hairstyle

Medium Long hairstyle of Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes Beautiful Hairdos fashion in 2009

Katie Beautiful Hairdos fashion in 2009
To attain the exact look of Katie Holmes hairdo, the best technique to apply is blow dry. Make sure to part to the left then blow dry hair back under and sides under and finally apply a smoothing shine.

Katie Holmes always carries a very different assortment of hairdos all through the years. Initially it was the shoulder length haircut, which we came across when she acted in hit television show Dawsons Creek. Then her tresses got fuller and longer with odd wave when she planned to marry the brilliant actor and producer Tom Cruise


Model Katie Holmes Short Pixie Crop Hair cut

Model Katie  Short Pixie Crop Hair cut
Katie Holmes the Hollywood superstar is known for her best and trendy hairstyles. Katie Holmes looks absolutely beautiful with short hair and all the hairstyles she carries have influenced many women and girls.

Katie Holmes has experimented numerous hairstyles, including blunt bob, bob, the pixie and the crop. The shorter hair she gets the more appealing and stunning she looks. Katie Holmes appears best in whatever hairdo she makes. Lately, Katie Holmes has selected the novel hairstyle for her and trimmed her bob cut hairdo in to a new pixie crop. The pixie crop is among the tough hairdo to wear, which needs a lot of maintenance.

Model Katie Holmes Short Pixie Crop Hair cut

It gives the hair a trendy look, however it is extremely tough to pull it off, since the maintenance it quite difficult. If you want to get hairstyle like that of Katie Holmes, thus it is feasible to take practical advice from your hairstylist, who will guide you, the correct style to you according to your hair. The pixie crop hairstyle was one of the finest hairstyles of the year 2008 and will remain in vogue in present year 2009 as well.

Katie Holmes Short Pixi Crop Hair cut

Katie Holmes Hairstyles presents Star Katie Holmes Hairstyles Fashion for summer 2009
Katie Holmes is one of the biggest hair trendsetters in Hollywood. Katie Holmes has had different hairstyles and they all look good on her. Katie Holmes has beautiful short hair that is brown in color and it always seems like it is shimmering. Katie Holmes has always been considered the type of girl next door girls when it comes to her looks, but she has also been considered as the other half of the famous actor, Tom Cruise.

Star Katie Holmes Hairstyles Fashion for summer 2009
Throughout the years, Katie Holmes has become a glamorous woman that has a lot of style. As you watch her on television, you see her in outfits that are full of fashion and beautiful gowns that almost any woman would want. Her public appearances are outstanding and her hairstyles are always out of the world.

Star Katie Holmes Hairstyles Fashion for summer 2009
You should always go for outfits that are sweet looking and give the impression of the girl next door. The short brown haired girls are always able to wear that peasant shirt with a long skirt in order to add a look that is innocent. Believe it or not, but the type of clothes that look good on you will all be depending on the type of hairstyle you have.

Sexy Actress Katie Holmes Casual Hairstyle

Katie Holmes Hairstyles presents Sexy Actress Katie Holmes Casual Hairstyle
If you like and want to attain the Katie Holmes casual hairstyle then you are in the right place, you will find cool photos of Katie Holmes Casual Hairstyle.

Sexy Actress Katie Holmes Casual Hairstyle
The Katie Holmes in her casual hairdo looks simply amazing, charming yet highly sophisticated, especially when wearing a gown. To achieve the desired look all you require doing is to play with your hair texture, tousle it a bit and finally bring in some bounce along with movements.

Katie Holmes most recent erstwhile bob with cropping pixie that is very short at the back with the improvisation over the length of front bangs is her most casual hairstyle at its best. Katie Holmes casual hairstyle is one of the best hairdos she ever carried. This hairstyle soon became punk chic, casual rock, glamorous and trendy.

Katie  Latest Hairstyle 2009

Katie  Hairstyles presents Katie  Latest Hairstyle 2009
Here are some photos of beautiful Katie  and her Latest Hairstyle in these pictures:
Katie Holmes Latest Hairstyle 2009
Katie Holmes Latest Hairstyle 2009

Katie Hairstyles 2009 Summer

Katie  Hairstyles 2009 Summer
Katie  Hairstyles 2009 Summer

Katie Holmes slicked hairstyle 2009

Katie Holmes Hairstyles presents Katie Holmes slicked hairstyle 2009
This is a very modern hairstyle of Katie Holmes this slicked-back hairstyle 2009.Katie Holmes sported a sophisticated slicked-back updo hairstyle with a very defined side part at the LACMA’s Opening Celebration of the Broad Contemporary Art Museum.

Katie  slicked hairstyle 2009

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